How to become a member

To Become a Member, Follow These Simple Steps:

Download the application form

Fill out the application form

Forward the filled application form to

You will receive feedback within two weeks on the status of your application

Please call +2348174518842 for further clarification

Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC)

APGC is a membership organisation and considers membership applications from power generation companies licensed to generate power in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry who agree to adhere to APGC's mission and APGC Constitution. Any company wishing to become an APGC member may apply in writing to the board at any time. The board, or a committee authorised by the board, reviews each application and, if appropriate, certifies that the applicant meets the qualifications for membership as outlined in the APC Constitution.

The board delegates the responsibility for reviewing applications for membership to an advisory committee, and If an application is successful, the applicant will enter into a membership agreement with APGC, pay dues and fees fixed by the board within the schedule and conditions set by the association. In compliance with the APGC Constitution, APGC keeps a membership register which records the name, address, of each member organisation.

APGC's primary goals are to safeguard the interests of generation companies operating in Nigeria, and to ensure that the Nigerian Electricity Sector remains healthy and vibrant for continued operation and development. By joining APGC, members benefit from APGC's unsurpassed knowledge base and convening power, extensive networking opportunities and access to high-level political, economic, and social decision making in the country.

Membership of the association of Power Generation Companies is a long-term investment. APGC's mission is to further and promote the interest of the GENCOS. APGC's membership has numerous benefits such as providing information resources, contact and networking opportunities, Members are entitled to participate in all activities organised by the association.