Membership Benefits

The Benefits APGC Offers to Her Members are:


A common voice to government: Government is not able to listen to each and every Generation Company that comes to them for support or with concerns, let alone respond to those concerns. A focused group or unified voice such as APGC provides the platform where common issues can be brought to the attention of the government.


Receive regular updates on developments of interest in a concise, usable format along with alerts on fast-breaking action items.


Attend regular membership meetings where the latest issues are discussed by experts in a setting that fosters frank and open discussion.


Receive timely assistance with market research, especially in gathering industry statistics or government data.


Network with power plant developers, marketers, and industry suppliers in a collegial environment, during regular APGC meetings open only to members.


Identify affiliated professionals who can provide vital services, with confidence that they have an in-depth working knowledge of the competitive power supply industry.


Provides a focal point for government to collect information that it needs to make informed decisions. In essence, the association becomes a sort of liaison with government — for the overall good of the industry.


Provide information to its members in a variety of forms — from workshops and conferences to field days and focus group sessions.


Printed materials like newsletters, brochures, and websites also provide valuable information.


Dedicated employees who are tasked with helping members and their particular needs on a daily basis.


Market development and research is one of the purposes of APGC. APGC conducts market research, or sponsor research which will benefit the entire association by providing information, answers, and solutions back to the group.


Promotion, branding and visibility. APGC as the face and voice of the GenCos, aims to spend a great deal of effort in promoting the benefits, strengths, and values of the industry. APGC will achieve this aim through generation of promotional materials through newsletter, websites, leaflets etc. which will direct customers to its membership or the things that its membership offers. Marketing and communication are key components for organizations and provide significant value to members.


Access to resources: APGC large membership base also gives it the opportunity to benefit from collective ordering and purchasing, allowing the association to provide certain common items to their membership at reduced costs — items such as shipping costs, packaging, or plant materials, for example.

APGC has been active in representing the interests of Generation Companies since its inception in the electricity industry before the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, the Federal Ministry of Power, the Senate and National Assembly, Central Bank of Nigeria, and other related agencies in the electricity value chain. Thanks for identifying with the unbeatable team!!!

APGC is open to all Independent Power Generating Company