About Us

Our aim is to foster collaboration among power generation companies, promoting shared knowledge, experiences, and best practices. As a unified body, we represent the interests of the power generation sector to policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

We advocate for favourable policies and regulations that support the growth, efficiency, and sustainability of the Nigerian power generation sector.


Our mandate is to facilitate the exchange of technical expertise, research, and training programs to enhance the capabilities of member companies. This ensures continuous improvement in power generation technologies, operations, and maintenance practices.

We monitor market dynamics, including electricity prices, and demand patterns, and provide analysis and insights to policymakers and regulators to promote efficient and competitive electricity markets.

The Association is enabled to provide energy solutions to drive Nigeria's development, protect the environment, and meet rising demand at the least costs.

Protect jobs, ensure reliability, safeguard the environment and increase supply to reduce prices – by building new power plants, modernizing existing plants, and actively supporting the transition to a sustainable energy future by promoting the integration of renewable energy sources and advocating for clean energy policies.

APGC provides a platform for member companies to exchange information, share experiences, and learn from each other in other to foster innovation, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance overall industry performance.

The Association is constituted by a Board of Trustees with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and seven other members. The Secretary to the Board is designated as Executive Secretary who oversees the activities of the national secretariat located in the Central Business District of Abuja.


To provide an environment where power generation companies and experts unite and share knowledge to drive the industry to higher levels of service and performance to provide reliable and competitively-priced electricity for consumers


To strive to educate and provide a level playing field for members to share relevant knowledge and trends. It is also to assist members to develop deal flow and respond to each other's concerns on best practices for the enhancement of the industry.

To create networking opportunities for members and others hoping to invest in the power generation market in: Spearheading accelerated power development by planning and implementing new power projects; To generate adequate and reliable power most economically, efficiently and eco-friendly; and Promote innovation and modernization of all existing units to enhance optimal performance


We see a rapidly changing and maturing Nigeria, with an evolving commercial environment increasingly suitable for investment in power and related activities. A transparent market in which we see the development of cutting edge fuel technologies, delivery systems and a creative distribution formula where every player gets its just due.

To create networking opportunities for members and others hoping to invest in the power generation market