Thank you for your interest in the Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC).

APGC has been active in representing the interests of generation companies since its inception in the electricity industry before the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, the Federal Ministry of Power, the Senate and National Assembly, Central Bank of Nigeria and other related agencies in the electricity value chain. APGC’s primary goals are to safeguard the interests of generation companies operating in Nigeria, and to ensure that the Nigerian Electricity Sector remains a healthy and vibrant market for continued operation and development.

Generation companies continue to face major regulatory and market challenges. Meeting these challenges requires a strong, unified voice, and APGC is that industry-wide voice.

APGC is a membership driven organisation and our primary funding support is in the form of revenue derived from membership dues. When issues or proceedings require special attention and involvement of consultants, special funds are established and funded by targeted contributions through the APGC committees. These funds afford member companies guaranteed representation in specific regulatory issues or proceedings affecting their facilities, planned projects, or market positions.

Throughout the year, APGC interacts with its members through a variety of forums. Monthly GenCos Forum meetings, email forum discussions as well as telephone calls are made to track/ manage day-to-day activities of the industry.

Our policy setting body, the APGC Board, meets regularly to deliberate on the management of the Association. In addition, APGC holds an Annual Meeting which is open to all members and intending members. Conference topics centre on subjects of topical interest with discussion panels comprised of industry experts providing up to date information and debate.

APGC’s efforts will have significant impact on the success of your existing facilities, future projects, and market opportunities. We welcome your participation and involvement in APGC, which will strengthen our industry-wide voice.

You may download the application for membership for review. Our Board meets to consider applications for membership each month.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Tel: +234 8174518842.

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