Why Nigerians Did Not Enjoy Steady Power Supply In 2022—Joy Ogaji

The myriads of problems that bedeviled the power sector were the reasons why Nigerians could not enjoy stable power supply in 2022.

According to Joy Ogaji, managing director and chief executive officer of Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), topmost among the problems are governance and leadership issues

Joy Ogaji who gave an insight into the problems that militated against the power sector while reviewing the year 2022 on Channels Television quoted John Maxwell, the great author, who says everything rises and falls on leadership.

She said the major problems in the power sector lie with governance and leadership.

She said there is no coordination and collaboration among stakeholders in the sector. There is no synergy and no harmonisation of the policies.

“If we are to outline the various policies you will be so shocked.  Stakeholders at different levels work at cross purposes.”

She cited the Siemens Energy project as an example of a project that is at variance with the Transmission Company Of Nigeria’s ( TCN) 20 years transmission plan.

She stated that the Siemens distribution plan is at cross purposes with distribution companies’ performance Improvement Plan. There is no harmony and no synergy.

Most of the policies are not aligning with the regulations and the regulations are not underpinned by policies, she said.

“We know that policy is it upon which any regulation can revolve. And if there are no policies for the regulations that are being churned out here and there, then there is no foundation for that regulation.”

“No wonder, the distribution companies can just go to court and take injunction and challenge regulations every now and then.”

Another point is the lack of sanctity of contracts. “We sign contracts from day one, with the intent to break the contract terms. And since we are not going to keep to the terms of the contracts those terms were not implemented. This is a major problem in the power sector. If you are signing a contract, from day one, make up your mind to keep to the terms of the contract, because contract is binding on parties, they are founded on obligations of parties.”

“So if the federal government keeps to its obligations, other parties should keep to their obligations too, because as lawyers would say he who comes with equity must come with clean hands. You cannot ask other parties to perform when you have not performed. This is another reason why the sector has largely remained the same”

Another reason is illiquidity, money answereth all things, she said. Without money she said the sector cannot make progress. She said as the energy flows out the money does not flow.


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