Electricity Generation Sheds 410.80MW In 24 Hours


The Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) shed 410.80MW in 24 hours – between November 5 and November 6, 2022, The Nation learnt.

The drop in generation emanated from the drop in the number of power plants that supplied electricity.

Whereas 24 power generating companies produced 4,65.22MW the previous day (Saturday), only 19 plants operated and generated 3,965.10MW.

This was contained in the “List of GenCos and their MW Load @ 07hrs on 05/11/2022,” and “List of GenCos and their MW Load @ 07 hrs on 06/11/2022,” that The Nation obtained yesterday in Abuja.

Besides technical constraints, the quantity of power generation is always a factor of energy nominated from the Distribution Companies (DisCos).

Also, the Nigerian System Operator (SO) of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), which generated the data, said as at 7 a.m yesterday, Afam IV & Victor (Gas) with two units generated 80MW; Afam IV (Gas Steam) produced 0MW with four units; Aloaji NIPP (Steam) produced 90MW with one unit; while Azura-Edo IPP (Gas) produced 440MW with three units.

The document added that Dandikowa SS (Hydro) generated 36.440MW with two units; Delta (Gas) produced 445MW with nine units; Egbin (Steam) with two units produced 326MW; while Geregu NIPP (Gas) generated 257MW with two units.

The SO said Geregu NIPP (Gas) produced 131MW with one unit; Ihovbor NIPP (Gas) generated 104MW with two units; Jebba Hydro produced 370 MW with four units and Odukpani (NIPP) produced 279MW with three units.

It also said Okpai (Gas/Steam) with three units generated 244MW; Olorunsogo NIPP (Gas) produced 105MW with one unit and Omoku (Gas) produced 77.40MW with four units.

The document added that Omotosho (Gas) with three units produced 96MW; Omotosho NIPP (Gas) produced 190.60MW with two units; Paras Energy  (Gas) generated 47MW with seven units; Shiroro  (Hydro) produced 600MW with four units; while Trans Amadi (Gas) generated 83.60MW with four units.


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