Sahara Power Unveils Green’n’Lectric To Promote Environmental Sustainability

The launch of gree’n’lectric, a wholly digital publication dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability in the power sector will bolster Sahara Power Group’s resolve to seeking environmentally relevant options and solutions in its operations, Ejiro Gray, Director, Governance and Sustainability, Sahara Group has said.

Speaking at the launch of the publication at Egbin Power Plant, Gray said Sahara Power, a Sahara Group company which connects over 30 million homes to power in the nation, considers access to clean, safe, and reliable energy as critical goals of the organization.

According to Gray, “Gree’n’lectric is one of the vehicles of sharing our journey to green, as we articulate our efforts and plans towards addressing global sustainability concerns. Our business daily impacts and is impacted by natural, social, and human capital interests on which the sustainability of our people and the planet depend. We believe that these interests must be tackled head-on with unwavering accountability and responsibility to provide assurance for a better tomorrow.”

She said Sahara Power’s commitment to protecting the integrity of the environment remained unwavering and generational through the involvement of young students and entrepreneurs in sustainability conversations and interventions. Israel Anyanwu, a student at Power fields Group of Schools, Egbin said young Nigerians are increasingly becoming aware of the need to be part of the process of safeguarding the environment.

“We are studying hard to contribute our quota while observing basic practices that helps to protect the environment,” he said.

Gray said Sahara Power was exploring and investing in several renewable energy solutions to boost power generation and distribution mix, in a bid to ensure the company continues to “bring energy to life responsibly”.

She noted that Sahara Power entities, including, Egbin Power Plc, Ikeja Electric and First Independent Power Limited (FIPL) hinge their operations on emission reduction, resource efficiency, business ethics, health and safety, as well as inclusion and diversity.

“With the deployment of electric buggies and scooters, bicycles, and a robust walk-to-work initiative, Egbin Power has reduced the use of fossil fuel vehicles in the facility, cutting off the emission of 670,000kg of CO2 annually. We have also planted over 1000 trees, cut paper consumption, saved 105KWH from reduced printing and continue to digitalize our operations to secure the environment. Ikeja Electric pioneered the first e-billing initiative in the power sector and has safety certifications that reinforce our commitment to sustainability,” she said.

Gree’n’lectric, a bi-annual publication highlights key Sahara Power Group environmental, social and governance milestones. It can be accessed via QR codes and easily shared via several messaging apps on mobile devices.

“As we continue to scale our operations to meet expected global economic expansion and parallel increase in energy demand, sustainability will remain the driver of our operations, with a firm commitment to measuring, monitoring, and communicating our progress to our stakeholders,” Gray concluded.


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