Liberalise Power Sector, FG Told

Governorship aspirant in Cross River State, Mr. Ben Akak, has called for the liberalisation of the power sector in Nigeria.

Akak, also a businessman said this, yesterday, during a tour of industries in Ayade Industrial Park, stating that power liberalisation was the only way to get Cross River and Nigeria out of the current epileptic power supply.

Akak said: “We know that power is on the exclusive list, that’s why I said we are going to do a lot. Number one, within the governors’ forum, which is very powerful, we will do a lot to lobby members of the National Assembly to change that legislation, to make it concurrent list for the state to begin to generate power and use. That’s the only way we can achieve development and progress faster. We will work with the governor’s forum to ensure that states access and use power they generate.

“Look at what is happening in Itu (along Calabar-Itu highway), I am suffering just because we are waiting for the Itu collapsed high tension tower to be put together.

But if this power was generated here I don’t need to bother about what happens in Itu. We must look at ourselves and say the truth. And I am saying that Cross River State through the effort of Ben Ayade has been able to start a process and we, taking over from him will make sure that that process doesn’t die. This project will not die.”


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