Easter: Power Generation Drops 19% to 3,089.30 MW


Nigeria power generation dropped by 19.23 per cent to 3,089.30 Megawatts yesterday, leaving most parts of the country without electricity supply for the festive season.

According to data from the Independent System Operator (ISO) portal, a semi-autonomous unit at the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), the drop is against the peak generation of 3,829.7MW recorded on Sunday, translating to a 735.30 MW loss.

The Association of Power Generation Companies, APGC, has often blamed poor management of the grid by the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, as one of the factors responsible for low power distribution in the country.

APGC Executive Secretary, Mrs. Joy Ogaji said: “The GENCOs are supposed to start the turbines and stop at most 20 times a year, but in Nigeria, the GENCOs start and stop 365 days every year and wear and tear are affecting the plants which causes maintenance issues at a time when they should be optimal.

“Last year GENCOs engaged an expert to investigate these issues; it was found that the ramp down and ramp up has affected the turbines. For instance, Siemens has told Geregu to shut down the machines because if the start and stop continues, it will destroy the three turbines. General Electric has also notified Calabar of a similar issue and awaiting maintenance.”

Similarly, in a document obtained by Vanguard, inefficiency as well as lack of capacity is seen as bane in the sector’s development.

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