No 571MW Drop In Power Generation – GenCos

Electricity Generation Companies (GENCOs) in Nigeria have refuted reports that generation had dropped thereby reducing load allocation to some DISCOs by 571 mega watts (MW), describing them as misleading and unfounded.

The Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), Dr (Mrs) Joy Ogaji, who countered the allegation on Wednesday described the report as misleading, noting that the comparison only took into account the transient occurrence at specific point in time instead of the average for the whole day.

Reports had it on Wednesday morning that there was a reduction in electricity load allocation to some distribution companies on Tuesday as power generation on the grip dropped by 571.5 megawatts when compared to what was generated the preceding day.

According to the report, industry figures seen on the 24-hour Grid Performance Dashboard showed that the peak power generation on Monday, December 27, 2021 was 4,761.70MW, but this plunged to 4,190.2MW as at 6am on Tuesday.

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) was cited in the said reports as one of the affected distribution companies (DISCOs), adding that AEDC “informed its customers that this had warranted supply interruptions”.

It further alleged that the the Disco explained that the electricity load decrease led to supply disruptions in more than 10 areas in the Federal Capital Territory on Tuesday.

Responding to this on a social media energy platform on Wednesday, Dr Ogaji said, “The report is very misleading. It is comparing the peak load for the previous day to the load at a specific instant (0600hrs), instead of considering the average loads. I went back to the 23rd and from the data, I cannot see any real drop in generation. As can be seen from the data, the average generation for the 27th of December was 4,323 MW, which is more than the previous days captured save 23rd December.

“I completely disagree with the report, except the situation was experienced in a specific region and not the entire grid. I’ll be able to verify if I have access to DisCos data for the same period.”


Buttressing her defence, Dr Ogaji said a review of energy utilisation for 9 years now, 2013 to 2021, on the average is 100MW per annum


“A review of energy utilisation from 2013 to 2021on average is mere 100MW per annum,” she said.

Explaining further, Dr Joy said,”A perusal of the NCC data from 23rd December to “7th shows that there was no drop of load even though energy sent out is not what was available or declared by GenCos. the average generation for the 27th of December was 4,323 MW, which is more than the previous days captured save 23rd December.”

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