NERC And Electricity Albatross


Electricity consumers have never had a worse era as the claimed reforms of 2013/2014. Despite progressive decline in deliveries, quantitywise and in quality, with low voltage. Consumers have become pawns in the chess game of providers, especially DISCOS, who disconnect after receiving part payment and continue to raise bills during such periods, and refuse to revert. The Ministry of Power and Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission have become facilitators of their shams, claiming monthly subsidies. Most complaints are ignored.

Most disturbing is allowing the DISCOS to even start operations without effective metering, and allowing them to frustrate all attempts so far to meter, from CAPMI, MAP, NMMS etc. Thus, encouraging wooly estimations.

The planned stakeholders meet by NERC is deceptive. No methodology for estimated billing is acceptable but metering. Deadline should be given for 100% attainment, even if it means post-paid billing. After all, many post-paid meters are still functioning. It should be an offence to disconnect a user who pays a portion of a bill, likewise any billing during a disconnection period.  Enough of shambolic electricity burden.

Chief Olakunle Oligbinde, C14 Police Post. Ayetoro Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State


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