NEMSA Stresses Appropriate Electricity Metering

The Nigerian Electricity Management Service Agency (NEMSA) is creating a team of qualified metering personnel to ensure correct billing and liquidity in the market.

Speaking on the sidelines at the inauguration of the Eko and Oshodi zonal electricity metering installation personnel certification panels, certification and induction of 16 meter installers/personnel, in Lagos at the weekend, the Managing Director, NEMSA, Peter Ewesor said the installation of meter is crucial to the success of the sector as it ensures that correct payments are recorded for consumptions made, just as it determines the size of load that will determine the type of meter to be supplied to a building.

“Adequate and effective metering system is prosperity in the industry because that is what will create what we call liquidity in the electricity market where they will generate the actual revenue of power that has been sent out.’’ This is what is used to finance the entire power value chain- generation, transmission and distribution of power. When you do not have adequate metering or properly installed meters, the challenges is that there will be leakages and it is not only when they say the meter is bad or we do not have meter that there will be leakages, but when it is properly installed then you are sure of effective energy management, accountability and value.’’

hat is, what the DisCo supplies is what you are paying for and it is what you are utilising that the Disco is charging you for,” Ewesor explained.

To achieve this, the NEMSA boss explained, a certified metering installer / personnel must be trained and certified by the agency, as he would have been trained to assess if the meter supplied is sufficient for the building. For instance, he further explained, installing a single phase meter in a building that uses 10 air-conditioning set instead of a three phase meter, will lead to a terminal overload, which will in turn lead to damage of the meter.

“When a meter is burnt, then there will be a waste of resources. And before another meter is provided the energy company will start estimated billing which is not fair on both sides. This is why we need to certify meter installers,” he said.

Besides, Ewesor, further said, metering is one of the instruments that NEMSA uses to actualise how appropriate monitoring of electricity meters are been installed, just like the ones of electricity solution contractors who installed power transformers, poles, and conductors etc. importantly, he said the certification of meter installers ensures that someone can be held responsible for anything that results to damage or loss of building and property or electrical installations. “It will be very easy to trace personnel who installed the meters. That’s why NEMSA have different departments to ensure we have the right infrastructures to deliver safe and reliable electricity at all times,” Ewesor submitted.

Meanwhile, in a related development, the the biggest challenge facing the country has been described as that of electric power. This was the position of a past president of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, Engr. Ademola Olorunfemi.

Olorunfemi, who spoke at the same event, said that for the power sector to flourish and overcome the problems inherent in it, the power sector cannot be treated as a social service. This, he said, is why government and the private sector and the public need to cooperate in order to resolve the problems of the sector and by extension, guaranteeing stable supply.


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