AEDC, Very Unserious and Unreliable

SIR: We are all aware of the ongoing extortion of electricity consumers by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) via its units that last for few days after spending thousands of Naira to recharge your meter.

Even with that, the so-called AEDC is not reliable in the supply of power to its customers and in some areas, the company uses transformers that are outdated for the supply of power, thereby throwing its customers in total darkness and leaving them for long after the breakdown of the outdated transformers, installed for the supply of power.

Puluya Community in Mpape area of Abuja has been in darkness for almost a month now due to the breakdown of the barbaric transformer that supplies epileptic power to the people in the area and the company appeared to be careless about fixing the transformer or providing a better transformer to supply light in the Puluya community.

Before now, community members are threatened to contribute financially in fixing their transformer or any other issue that has to do with power supply in their area or remain in darkness. May be, the company wants to apply the same method in fixing the power problem in Puluya community. If not, why are the people of the community still in darkness after three weeks of the incident that stopped the supply of power in the area?

An electricity distribution company like AEDC that extorts its customers and uses the outdated transformers with other electrical equipment for the supply of power to its customers should be scrapped.
Awunah Pius Terwase wrote from Mpape, Abuja.


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