Egbin Power Launches Environmentally Friendly Transport System

WorldStage Newsonline– Egbin Power, a member of the Sahara Power Group on Tuesday launched it’s electric powered buggies and bicycles for transportation within the Egbin community.
While unveiling the 20 buses and 500 bicycles, the Chairman, Egbin Power, Mr Temitope Shonubi explained that the idea was to promote “going electric” and “clean energy” in Egbin.
He was also joined by children of Powerfields Group of Schools in a tree planting exercise as part of the event which was dedicated to environmental sustainability.
According to him, “A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year and this is equivalent to an average of 0.0126 metric tons of carbon dioxide per day. Every walk-to-work and bike-to-work activity as well as riding on the electric buses within the facility prevents emission of 3.78 metric tons per day of carbon dioxide from about 150 cars within Egbin and 1379.7 metric tons every year.”
He added that the company was committed planning for a better, sustainable and environmentally friendly future for all, saying,  “We want to prepare for the future. The goal is to drastically reduce carbon emissions, for environmental sustainability, healthier lifestyles and productivity.”
On the children involvement, Mr Shonubi explained that it was to show the fact that the going electric and clean energy campaign  involved all constituents of the Egbin Ecosystem – it’s also generational.
“The project also reinforces Sahara Power and Egbin’s commitment as global SDG promoters, with impressive Environment Employee Social and Governance (EESG) records,” he said.
The themes driving the project also include  Power to Protect; Power to Serve; Power to Live; and Power to Innovate.
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